JAC Translations

Professional Translation and Interpretation Services - JAC Translations London UK

JAC Translations, a London-based translation and interpretation agency, has served the UK's Japanese business community for 30 years. With over 400 interpreters and translators, we offer quality translation and interpretation iq option deposit services that suit the diverse needs of our clients.

Language pairs

Japanese and English as well as other European and Asian languages

Wide field coverage

Commercial, financial, legal, technical (manufacturing, automotive, IT, telecom, electric and electronic, etc.), medical and pharmaceutical, academic, art, etc.

Reliable quality

Our interpreters and translators are experienced professionals, whose services have satisfied our clients from individuals to global firms and governmental organisations for 30 years. JAC's translation has been accepted by the authorities including Home Office and Companies House.

Honest and competitive price

A wide price range from which you can choose to suit your budget

Flexible arrangements

For large, long-term or regular translation/interpretation assignments, we can arrange a special contract in pursuit of stability and utmost cost effectiveness.

Ad hoc services

In addition to providing translation and interpretation services, we can help your cross-linguistic communication in a wide spectrum of auxiliary work: e.g. proofreading, editing, and assistance to hospital visits.